Tagg Pet Tracker - It's like GPS for your dog


Wouldn’t it be great if there were a way to locate your lost pet maybe with a text message or on the computer with the GPS system? This is called the Tagg pet tracker. You simply put it on your pet's collar and it can help you not only locate a lost pet but also monitor their daily activities. You attach the Tagg to your pet's collar. It’s easy and everything you need is in the box. it's designed to be worn at all times. Its water resistance so swimming is OK. You create an account on your computer and then you download the mobile app on your iPhone or your Android device and you start getting text from your pet! Okay your pet doesn't actually send the messages but you can find him or her on a map, track his or her whereabouts, get driving directions its current location.


The battery life lasts for about 30 days so don't worry, you’ll get a text message or an alert letting you know you need to recharge the battery. You can let the system know when your pet actually has permission to leave your Tagg Zone. you can use the active snapshot which gives you an idea of what your pet is doing during the day. you can monitor activity for up to 90 days and that’s very helpful health information that you can share with your vet.


Nuzzle - The Most Reliable GPS Pet Collar


With every pet we've ever had we're always worried about two things - the lost pet and the sick pet. Most days we treat our pets better than we treat ourselves. For all the happiness they bring to our lives, we think they deserve the best. The Nuzzle collar uses GPS and a cell chip to stay connected all the time. That means you'll always know where your pet is even if they manage to get lost.


The Nuzzle collar means no more lost pets. “We found out that less than 2% of pets were covered by insurance; so we set out to change that.” Pet insurance saves lives. Therefore, we teamed up with embrace to offer simple straightforward coverage - pets and their people everywhere. Safe and healthy pets are happy pets and happy pets make happy people.


“What we're making is a complete ecosystem for helping ensure the Wellness of your pet.” The Nuzzle collar is a GPS-enabled collar with activity monitor that helps you stay in touch with your pet even when you're not around them. The app is sort of the home base of everything. You can get a lot of statistics from your pet, where your location is, how often they're walking. you're able to monitor of some emergency might be happening and getting immediately alerts might make the difference between your pet being there when you get home and your pet not being home. In addition, from the app the nice thing is that you can actually purchase very simple easy to understand health insurance for your pet.


One of the design decisions from the very beginning was to make sure that bond that connection between you and your pet using the nose lap the Nuzzle caller was always there without any subscription fees. It’s important to us that the app and collar are easy to use and simple to understand. Nuzzle represents the best way to care for the pets who love us unconditionally.


KYON - The Pet Collar Re-invented


What if we could change the way we communicate with our pets. Introducing Kyon - the first pet collar with embedded GPS technology and the only one with LED display that makes communication with your dog even easier. So you no longer have to guess what your little one is feeling. The Kyon collar works together with our user-friendly mobile application, which allows you to monitor, track and receive information or alerts. so now you can protect your pet more than ever before for possible dangers. Did you know that over 10 million pets get lost every year? Kyon will immediately alert you if your pet is missing and not only will it help you track its location but it also displays helpful contact information right on the collar when found by someone else.


Kyon features an altimeter with 10-centimeter sensitivity to detect even the floor is on. so with Kyon if your pet is lost it won't be for long. Hundreds of thousands of pets suffer from heat stroke every year. Kyon is able to monitor surrounding temperatures in real time. So just when your pet is beginning to get hot, you will receive an alert on your phone and a message on the collar. Therefore, you can always get to your pet in time.


Being away from your pet hours at a time is not easy. What if you could know how your pet is feeling all day long? With its nine-axis accelerometer, Kyon is able to monitor activity levels over time, so you can constantly know if your little one is happy or feeling a bit off. Kyon will warn you in time if your pet needs your attention. Kyon is also the first collar with a water sensor that could prevent your pet from drowning by notifying immediately when your little one is in danger.


Wouldn’t it be great if you could somehow prevent a dogfight? With its pacifying technology the Kyon collar will activate a high-frequency sound that can help prevent unnecessary trouble for your pet. Kyon also has other helpful features like pet walk reminders and in-flight travel updates. Kyon is fully operational in over 120 countries globally.


With a battery life 30 days, Kyon features a series of components seen for the first time - an altimeter, Bluetooth 4.0, a nine axis accelerometer, a heat sensor, LED display, an ultrasound buzzer, a water sensor, a zinc alloy buckle, a leash clip, 30-day battery life, GSM and GPS. Kyon can also hold a leash force of more than 30 kilograms. Kyon collar is available in a variety of colors so you can choose the one that best fits your pet.


Kyon is built to protect your pet with the highly advanced technology that it carries with it. It is designed to last. I think we made a revolution here we build the finished piece of technology that will prevent your dog from being sick lost or injured.